chapter  10
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Concert in Guildhall, Thursday 16 November 1848
ByPeter Willis

In London, Chopin again turned for medical help to Dr Henry V. Malan, physician to the Marylebone Homeopathic Dispensary, and a friend of Jane Stirling and Mrs Erskine. Chopin's performance in Guildhall on Thursday 16 November was part of the Annual Grand Dress and Fancy Ball and Concert in aid of the funds of the Literary Association of the Friends of Poland. Chopin 'performed some of his beautiful compositions with much applause. The ball was a regular occurrence on London's social scene, with Lord Dudley Coutts Stuart playing a significant part in it; in this instance, Princess Marcelina Czartoryska, acting as an agent on behalf of the Hotel Lambert, also helped in its organisation. Guildhall was begun in the fifteenth century, erected for the government of the City of London. Chopin played like an angel, much too well for the inhabitants of the City, whose artistic education is a little problematic.