chapter  2
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Paris 1840s

ByPeter Willis

Eugene Delacroix was also a frequent companion of Frederic Chopin in Paris and at Nohant. British aristocrats, responding to the current anglomanie in Paris, flocked to the city and joined the cultural milieu. Catherine Maberly took lessons from Chopin in London as well as Paris. In Paris, Chopin had many good friends who cared for his genius, some of whom he was later to encounter in Britain. One of the most notable changes for Chopin was that he came under the spell of George Sand, whom he first met in 1836 in the Parisian circle of Liszt and Marie d Agoult. Garcia taught at the Paris Conservatoire from 1847 to 1850, before moving to the Royal Academy of Music, where he was active until 1895. Private performances for the Schwabes, the Leos, and others, were part of Chopin's daily life in Paris.