chapter  5
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Continuing Ontological Confusion: The Constitution and Application of an Ontological Scheme

This chapter considers the onslaught against ontological reason and the conceptual procedures it is based on. To that end, he shall examine some materials that might serve to bring Wittgenstein and Ryle's remarks into sharp relief, but, somewhat more importantly, the materials will hopefully be illuminated as well. Specifically, he will be focusing on one of the latest and more sophisticated versions of CR, one propounded by Dave Elder-Vass who promises to place the social sciences on a sound ontological footing by demonstrating that a general emergentist ontology, allegedly derived from the natural world, is also applicable to society. The author also wish to focus on the methodology' of the ontological project. The ontological scheme Elder-Vass is employing consists of entities and their parts, relations and emergent properties. Bhaskar's ontologisation' of the concept emergence' is riven with perplexities that are just as puzzling as those produced by the ontological pictures that he rejects.