chapter  6
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Some Problems with ‘The Problem of Structure and Agency’

This chapter provides a culmination of the argument by turning to examine the problem of structure and agency, recognisably one of the central problems in social theory. In the context of structure and agency this amounts to advocating, apart from the existence of individual causal powers, the existence of exclusive causal powers of social structures, and the involvement of both in the production of social events. Given the theoretical morass, which by itself provides a plausible explanation as to why such debates continue interminably, it is perhaps a fact to be thankful of that the debate does not feature any more issues that have been treated under the rubric of the problem of structure and agency. As already noted, Elder-Vass is the main contributor to the debate in question and responses are clustered around his thesis that social structures as higher-level entities may possess causal powers in their own right call this the Main Contention.