chapter  6
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Ability to Compete

Management assessments use structured interviews and reference checks. Formal management due diligence appraisals evaluates management's ability to meet the challenges facing the business and provide an external benchmark with which to compare more intuitive judgements. Management is basically about problem solving, producing results and controlling tasks. Structured, competency-based interviewing is the most effective method of assessing management. The argument for a rigorous process of evaluation is that it gives new insights into manager's capacity to deliver what the deal requires by providing an impartial external perspective on management. It uses disciplined methods to evaluate management, both as individuals and as a team. Companies also need to cope with change, which calls for leadership as well as just management. As far as management assessments are concerned, they can be very valuable because of the insights they can give in team building. Reports should give an insight into individual managers and into the capabilities of the senior management team.