chapter  11
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Using the Output

This chapter deals with report writing. Inspired research, brilliant analysis and inspired conclusions are in vain if the reader for whom the work is intended either does not read the report, cannot understand it without undue effort or does not accept the facts, findings, conclusions and recommendations. In the 1950s, a McKinsey consultant wrote what is still seen as the classic work on structuring reports. Minto's central theme is that reports should deal with issues one at a time and feed them up to a single overriding thought. CDD always relies on an interpretation of the evidence as well as the hard facts, but this does not mean a CDD report is a platform for personal opinions and feelings. Vendor CDD (VCDD) reports should be produced as independent reports that can be read in isolation. Vendor CDD is CDD commissioned and paid for by the seller and given to potential acquirers.