chapter  2
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Football Fandom as Consumption: A Historical Perspective

This chapter demonstrates how participants present different experiences of football fandom genesis. Furthermore, whilst those experiences were connected in part to self-perceptions of class, it is important to raise the point that class-based arguments are not as straightforward as they may initially seem. As Pascale illustrates 'if class was once marked and readable through the symbolic language of class habitus, today it is less often the case'. Thus, it is only when people look beyond the direct consumption experience of football fandom and into the various other consumer pastimes that participants simultaneously share with their peers, that they begins to understand the intricacies of applying notions of class to late modern fandom. Evidence of eclectic consumer lifestyles which are located above the level of habitus have contributed to a situation where leisure practices have lost their cultural distinctiveness and this has affected the perceived coherence of football fandom in late modern life.