chapter  3
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Theorising Football Fandom as Consumption: Outlining the Need for an Alternative Approach

This chapter considers the effects that commercial institutions have on the life habitus of late modern football fans. Focusing primarily on Alan Bryman's concept of 'Disneyisation', crucial questions about institutions and structures are raised under the assumption that football fans are undoubtedly affected by changes in marketing, advertising and delivery of commercial goods and services relating to practice. The chapter demonstrates how market processes has become inflected within the everyday lives of football fans to such an extent that they are now, in the minds of author's participants, conceptually inseparable. Before further exploring this issue through the individual narratives of football fans, the chapter draws briefly on Disneyisation as a theoretical construct for explanations of consumerism in late modern life. Scholars such as Schickle, Walz, Ross and Wasko agrees that 'to Disneyfy' is to adhere to a systematic recipe that ultimately serves to stifle individuality, magic, mystery and spontaneity in order to maintain a standardised, but commercially successful, format.