chapter  7
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At this point it is useful to recapitulate some of the basic ideas contained in the preceding chapters in order to highlight the main tenets of my argument. First and in contrast with much of the existing literature, it is important to clarify that this book has not aimed to capture the exceptional elements of football fandom (for example, hooliganism, obsession, racism) that are well documented elsewhere. Rather, it has presented a sociology of mundane consumption experiences that make up football fandom cultures and paradoxically this is what is exceptional about it. More specifically I have argued that football fandom equates to a fluid series of routine consumption activities that are practiced in the course of everyday life. The line of argument taken is that those routine, trivial or seemingly mundane consumption activities have a pronounced influence on the construction, maintenance and evolution of football fandom cultures. Furthermore, it contends that football fandom is an organic phenomenon that is slowly moving boundaries of authenticity based on the reflexivity of practicing agents as they participate in and respond to the demands of consumer life.