chapter  8
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“We are Here” … From Turkey, and From the World Entire

This chapter comprises a number of accounts from particular Turkish Strasburgers. It considers how Turkey is seen to fit in any New Europe. The chapter tells of the experiences of ten interviewees from elsewhere in the poorer, dark-skinned regions of the world. Clearly the chapter cannot in any rigorous sense be representative. Yet their words have something to tell, tales of those who may not be Muslim but who are indubitably other. Four are sub-Saharan Africans, one is an Afghan refugee, one a Sri Lankan refugee, two Mauritians, and two are Pondicherrians from south India. Of all French cities, Strasbourg has the largest population from Turkey. Among those of the past half-century's 'New Immigration', persons from Turkey are in number second only to Maghrebians here. Having first observed people from Turkey in the role of urban immigrants in Strasbourg, the chapter approach the second issue: what can their role be in the New Europe that is being constructed here.