chapter  2
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War and Remembrance

Roger Dirrig spoke of his parents, ordinary folks with village roots, who had after World War I moved, hoping for greater opportunity, to the small city of St-Louis in extreme southern Alsace. The Dirrigs came home to Alsace, but Liebermann, being Jewish, played incognito in the Indre departement near Chateauroux throughout the war. To be Jewish, whether in Alsace or in the body of France to which one had been evacuated in 1939, was to be in hiding. If stains of dishonor there be, perhaps the most nauseating would be concerning profiting from the removal of Jewish people from Strasbourg life. Even after the liberation of Strasbourg on November 23, 1944, Alsace continued to be drawn in to Nazi Germany's desperate struggles to avoid defeat. Only at the end of the war had the Nazis wanted to kill all the Jews, and somehow it didn't happen.