chapter  5
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The EU’s Clever Children

Graduates of the Erasmus Program

This chapter encounters Eurocrat's figurative children, twenty-two Strasbourg University students, and all French nationals save one Pole. Sixteen of these had participated in the 'Erasmus' program of EU-wide study abroad, and author's motive for targeting them was to attempt to assess to what degree any 'European' consciousness existed among these particular young persons. They do possess an overall appreciation for the New Europe, an appreciation which however can be broken down into various facets, some of which elicit more enthusiasm than others. There is also a concern for Europe's future, particularly ambivalence about the future adherence of Turkey to the EU-the students are split down the middle on this issue. The students whose contribution to this entire narrative is a kind of segue. They represent the partial achievement of what the postwar pragmatic idealists called the Construction of Europe: a supranationalist one, but geographically restricted.