chapter  3
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Biography of Organizations: A Key for a Transformation Process

This chapter offers an analysis of five pairs of global cross-border acquisitions and their integration strategies. It focuses primarily on the acculturation process experienced by a German bank acquiring an American bank; a large American car-manufacturer acquiring a smaller European family car manufacturer and a large British oil company acquiring a smaller American oil company. Corporate entrepreneurship can play a central role in the integration process during international acquisitions. Synergies achieved through learning processes helps innovation and growth, hence, creating an entrepreneurial culture. An appropriate integration strategy can foster learning within organizations involved in international acquisitions. The integration process is seen as the real source of value creation in acquisitions. Human resources practices vary between organizations as a reflection of each firm's leaders' values and beliefs and their approach to people management. They also vary among countries as they reflect each nation's ideologies and social structures. A new culture starts to emerge gradually in the organization.