chapter  4
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Organizational Culture Transformation: Cross-Case Analysis

This chapter explores how transferring capabilities from acquisitions can lead to value creation and entrepreneurial behaviour. It includes three large acquisitions that took place in the European/US markets within related industries. The chapter also explores the challenges and opportunities in integration processes, and the factors responsible for the success of cross-border acquisitions. Emphasis is given to the corporate strategies the three partnered companies applied to maximize synergies, and minimize the negative effects of the unavoidable, but necessary and complex, acculturation process. Mergers and acquisitions have unique potential to transform firms, and to contribute to corporate renewal. The chapter examines the process of creating entrepreneurial synergies associated with international acquisitions, looking at Deutsche Bank, BPA moco and Ford Volvo. Volvo employees felt an impact moving from the AB Volvo group to the Ford Motors group. The socio-cultural integration of two previously discrete workforces and their organizational cultures is a major management task.