chapter  6
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Eating Disorders

When I was young I used to hear the phrase, “You can never be too thin or too rich.” I learned the hard way that this adage simply is not true. When I was in college, I was jealous of the thin beautiful college coeds I sat next to in class (I had gained the “freshman 10” and was struggling with binges). In my senior year I found out about an eating disorders support group. I attended a few times, only to learn that one woman I had been particularly jealous of threw up 10-12 times a day. Later, in graduate school, I had an anorexic phase, when at 5’2” my weight reached 88 pounds. One day I overheard two women talking about me in a store. “She looks like she’s been in a concentration camp,” one said. I knew I was thin, but like many women I had a distorted body image. Fortunately, I interpreted the comment as a wakeup call.