chapter  3
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History and the Politics of Representation: Greek Ethnicity in Southern Russia

Introduction The history of the people who now call themselves Pontic Greeks is a complex one and could provide the material for a separate book. Historians of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires have covered signifi cant periods however, the best examples being the articles of Anthony Bryer which are collected and reprinted in two volumes (1980a and 1988a) and two volumes of Bryer and Winfi eld’s (1985) survey of Byzantine monuments in the south-eastern Black Sea. The purpose of a history chapter in this book is different; fi rstly, it provides readers with a historical background to the Greek presence in the Caucasus and southern Russia. This is necessary because the issues discussed in this book often refer both to the distant and the recent pasts of the ‘Pontic’ Greeks in general and of the two examined communities in particular.