chapter  9
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The Pontic Greek Cultural Revival: A Global Network and Local Concerns

Introduction In the previous chapters the construction of Pontic Greek identity in southern Russia has been discussed as a ‘boundary process’ (Barth, 1969). Importantly, the demarcation of Pontic cultural boundaries is occurring within discourses of regional cultural and identity politics. At the same time, Pontic cultural identity in southern Russia is a post-Soviet phenomenon and the ideology of the Pontic Greek cultural revival has been imported by the Russian Greeks in the course of their transnational migration to and from Greece. Arguably, Pontic cultural identity is produced within a new ‘global ethnoscape’ of the Greek cross-border movement, but it is reproduced within and through the local socio-political discourses of southern Russia. Thus, to paraphrase Appadurai (1996, p. 33), the ideology of Pontic cultural revivalism has been transmitted through the globalised network and ‘becomes infl ected by the historical, linguistic and political situatedness of the local actors’. This fi nal chapter focuses on local concerns in the representation of the ‘globalised’ Pontic Greek culture and its political implications in the region.