chapter  2
Questioning Some Answers – Critical Analysis of Dalit Theology
Pages 14

One of the important methodological revisions required for Dalit theology is the re-conceptualization of Dalit Christology. The authors delineate the practical pertinence of the principles of faith, compassion and conflict/confrontation in a context governed by regulations imposed by the notions of purity and pollution and draw out implications for a Dalit Christology of liberation. The image of Jesus which emerges from the story can contribute to a more efficacious Dalit Christology. The Christological image which emerges from the story has more in resonance with the incipient urge for resistance and protest found among Dalit communities than the traditional Dalit Christological image of the suffering Christ. The model of Jesus as deviant is in stark contrast to the meek and passive christological images. In a situation where Dalit Christians do not have the advantage of a radical ideology or a mature political leadership to guide them and where the church leadership has rarely taken a firm political position publicly.