chapter  4
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A Deliberative Approach to EU Enlargement: The Case of Turkish Accession

This chapter argues that an examination of the discourse pertaining to Turkish accession reveals that the constitutional patriotism' vision of the EU is being challenged by an alternative view. It discusses the conception of the EU put forward in the Treaties is close to a rights-based union. In the case of EU enlargement, pragmatists tend to support enlargement if it is considered to maintain or enhance the economic prosperity and physical security of national and EU citizens. While pragmatic arguments are linked to the conception of the EU as a problem solving entity, moral arguments are linked to the idea of the EU as a post-national, rights-based union and ethical-political arguments to that of EU as a value-based community. An examination of elite discourse across Europe reveals that the apparent consensus that was reached on CEE enlargement no longer exists in the face of the question of Turkey's accession.