chapter  3
How Do We Know What They Know? Situation Awareness Measurement Methods Review
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Putting theoretical concerns aside (see Salmon et al., 2008a, for a review), the level of SA that teams and operators possess is now recognised as a critical factor in system design and assessment (e.g. Endsley et al., 2003; Salmon et al. 2008a; Shu and Furuta, 2005). It follows then that researchers, practitioners and system, training and procedure designers need to be able to accurately describe and measure individual and team SA in these environments. The accurate measurement of SA is critical, not only to the advancement of SA-related theory, but also to artefact, system, procedure and training programme design and evaluation efforts. Researchers need valid and reliable methods of assessing SA in order to test and advance SA theory, whilst designers and practitioners need ways of assuring that SA is improved and not degraded by new artefacts, systems, interfaces, procedures or training programmes.