chapter  4
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Economic and social rights in peacebuilding and peacekeeping

A measurable legal basis for the economic and social dimensions of peace

This chapter explores the extraterritorial application of economic and social rights. It proposes current developments in the extraterritorial application of economic and social rights. The chapter considers the extraterritorial application of human rights in the context of peacekeeping operations. Although peacekeeping operations are subsidiary organs of the Security Council, they retain their status as organs of their contributing States and they remain bound by those States' domestic and international legal obligations, including those that have extraterritorial effect. Peacekeeping operations that work to protect and to realise economic and social rights support their own legitimacy, and they can also support efforts to maintain a peace that goes beyond the current confines of liberal peacebuilding. There are two broad indicator frameworks that are favoured by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR); the structure-process-outcome framework and the Acceptability, Availability and Quality (AAAQ/AAAA) framework.