chapter  5
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Reimagining peace and security in the post-conflict environment

This chapter considers of the theory of jus post bellum, which calls for post-conflict endeavours to be framed in terms of State obligations. It explains the potential impact of the concepts upon the workings of the Security Council because the Council is primarily responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. The chapter examines the complex issues of accountability for breaches of international law, including violations of economic and social rights, is ultimately confined to reiterating a core theme in this work and that is the need to recognise the centrality of economic and social rights to the maintenance of international peace and security. It focuses on the concepts of positive peace and human security. The chapter also considers whether the Council should incorporate broader post-conflict obligations into its peacebuilding and peacekeeping mandates in a manner that is more considered and consistent and whether economic and social rights should play a more visible part in peacebuilding and peacekeeping mandates.