chapter  10
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A Strategic View – The G + H Partnering Types

Successful partnerships constantly strive to maintain the forward momentum implied by the Partnering Behaviour Success Spiral. They do this by generating value as a consequence of the way in which the partners are innovative, manage the relationship within agreed standards of behaviour, and create and capture value through a focus on synergy and critical, positive self-evaluation. The two models we have described will allow you to gauge the overall performance of a partnership or alliance rather than the more customary and much more limited financial view. These models provides a framework in which the seemingly random variations in the behaviour of partners can be consistently interpreted and understood, whether their relationships are supply chain partnerships, key accounts, marketing channels or strategic alliances. Next, we will go a stage further and describe a more strategic approach, the Gibbs + Humphries Partnering Types, and show how it provides another perspective for understanding important alliances and to drive change programmes. It allows characteristic relationship types to be identified based on proven parameters, and critically, offers clear pointers to managers on the best way ahead.