chapter  2
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The Complex Challenges of Collaboration Management

Most of us understand the difficulties of managing the complex web of relationships that exist within large and small organisations. The need to co-ordinate the activities of the different parts, getting Commercial to talk to Operations and expecting IT to consult with anyone are just a few of the problems that get even harder if you have people spread around the world. But at least you have a corporate culture, a system of governance and common information systems that can ease the pain. At the end of the day, someone with the appropriate power can bang heads together and say, ‘We will do it this way.’ This is not the case when managing relationships between businesses and organisations. Independently minded entities which are used to making their own decisions, devising their own strategies and relishing their freedom deciding to team up with others seems perverse. This is especially true when the objective is to step into the unknown and trust a partner to help to create an output that none of them could achieve independently.