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In Emma and Sense and Sensibility personal narratives play a significant role in influencing reader response or attitude. But in Mansfield Park a missing narrative deprives Henry Crawford of the chance to gain/regain the confidence of both character and reader. Some texts may reveal new dimensions and resonances' of a code or concept, and, moreover, they may do so in unexpected, somewhat devious' ways, using deviating techniques. In a wide-ranging discussion of the ethics of a variety of modern texts, Adam Zackary Newton has pursued this notion by focussing on forms of storytelling within fictional representations. Newton considers those acts and performances which can be taken as paradigms, and which raise fundamental ethical questions about what it means to generate and transmit narratives and to implicate, transform or force persons who participate in them'. A basic hermeneutic problem involves discerning each novel's underlying ethical/ideological perspective(s).