chapter  4
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Identifying a Central Theological Question

This chapter contains the narrative of the Jacobsfield Vineyard (JV) congregational study, organized in three phases: familiarization, analysis, and interpretation and the central theological question. It seeks to recount author'sown journey of thinking about JV's central question. The chapter identifies "What are our criteria for reconstruction which result in relevance to ourselves and those to whom we are trying to credibly represent the Christian faith as JV's central theological question. The chapter progresses toward Jacobsfield Vineyard's central practical theological question, the author felt that a representative microcosm would be helpful for illustrating their transition of identity. It considers which slice of JV would be most appropriate for illustrating this question. Most JVers have found themselves in a communal struggle to discover their individual identity as Christians and members of their culture and how to authentically construct a community. JV are unified by their common frustration with both evangelical versions of Christianity and their surrounding culture.