chapter  2
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Biography of a Book: Editions and Contexts

This chapter explores antiquarian studies of ancient customs, practices, scientific and technical books. The others feature pots and pans, tools and implements, machines, and finally food service at a papal conclave. Several of Scappi's employers were part of the Farnese circle, a group of artists and scholars active in the various practices identified with antiquarian study, from collecting and displaying works of ancient art to sponsoring reconstruction and publication of ancient architecture, monuments, and rituals. Cardinal Pio da Carpi was one of the most important collectors of ancient art and patrons of antiquarian research and scholarship in sixteenth-century Rome. Carpi was also among the cardinals who attended the conclave of 1549, along with the French cardinal Jean du Bellay, for whom Scappi prepared a banquet to help celebrate the birth of the Dauphin in 1549. The double-page portrayal of the papal conclave manifests an ethnographic interest in the contemporary ritual of the transfer of papal power.