chapter  2
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Place Brands: ‘Guarantors’ of Investment

The terms ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ have many meanings and are used by

different groups in different ways. For non-marketers, ‘brand’ is often used

to denote little more than the audio-visual representation of a product, a

company or a place: its logo, tagline, theme-tune and so on. Meanwhile,

‘branding’ is taken to mean the practice of designing and developing these

audio-visual elements for use in marketing campaigns. While these activities

all have their rightful place in the brand mix, they have come to symbolise an

attribute and a discipline which are in fact far broader than this – and these

interpretations matter. At a recent investment conference I attended in Egypt,

a delegate remarked as we went into a session on ‘Branding Africa’ that if he

had to sit through a presentation and panel discussion on the development

of ‘yet another logo and tagline’, then he would leave the conference early for

a siesta at his nearby hotel. Fortunately for him and the other delegates, this

was not the focus of the session, which instead explored greater questions and

issues relating to Africa’s reputation.