chapter  6
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From Soldiers to Citizens: Reconceptualizing Reintegration

Our aim in this volume was to deepen the understanding of demilitarization in war to peace transitions, by providing a comprehensive discussion of DDR, and in particular, the reintegration process. To arrive at this, the authors combined an academic and policy literature review with the empirical assessment of a specifi c reintegration experience, that of former UNITA combatants in three of the most contested provinces in the Angolan civil war. Underlying this research were questions relating to the factors that may facilitate or impede reintegration; the experience of reintegration for both former combatants as well as other vulnerable groups; the relationship between identity and reintegration; and, fi nally, the meaning of reintegration in contexts of weak, enervated or collapsed states. In this concluding chapter, the authors will refl ect on a series of issue clusters which emerged from the analysis above. These issue clusters are: (i) Focusing on the Long Term: From Reinsertion to Reintegration; (ii) Reintegration and Vulnerability in War to Peace Transitions; (iii) Targeting the Community: Reintegration and Social Capital; and fi nally, (iv) Reintegration and Political Participation.