chapter  3
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Gender Equity and Organizational Constraints in Professional Labour Markets

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book examines a number of issues concerned with questions of globalization, gender and changing work cultures in Asia. It explores the impact of the new economy on the relationship between gender and specific professional labour markets in two global cities, Hong Kong and Singapore. The book explains Leadership and management issues for professional women. The Singapore government has long been concerned with the numbers of unmarried, middle-class Chinese women, as well as with the numbers of children, middle-class Chinese women are having. It has adopted a selective pro-natalist population policy, encouraging this group of women to have more children. The framing of legislation including anti-discrimination and human rights legislation is the sine qua non of a commitment by countries to equity and equal opportunities. It is also a fundamental element in the democratization process and the growth of civil society.