chapter  3
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Predict and provide

Transport planning in an age of climate change
ByBarr Stewart, Prillwitz Jan, Ryley Tim, Shaw Gareth

This chapter plots the policy landscape that has led to the current state of transport planning, using the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) as a case-study example. It focuses on the ways in which an intricate but often hidden relationship has existed between land-use planning and mobility. Transport planning is concerned with the way that generalised aspirations, such as sustainable mobility, are translated into physical outcomes on the ground. The chapter examines the development of transport planning in the UK, and then shows how environmental issues have become an increasingly important component within the discipline, before bringing these elements together on the implications for the geographies of transport and mobility. Motor-car mass production may have begun in the early parts of the twentieth century, but it was only really following the Second World War that motor-car mobility increased rapidly. The relationship between transport and the environment can be set in the context of broader sustainable development.