chapter  5
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Travel and transport in everyday life

ByBarr Stewart, Prillwitz Jan, Ryley Tim, Shaw Gareth

This chapter explores the spatial contexts of transport and mobility. While tourism and leisure travel has a specific purpose, the theme of everyday travel relates to a range of regular practices that are often habitual in nature and which connect to routine economic, social and cultural activities. These are commonly attributed to categories such as daily commuting, the 'school run', shopping trips and visiting friends and relatives. The study of everyday transport and mobility is the study of people and their interaction with space, technologies and infrastructures. The chapter explores the ways in which geographers have examined everyday transport and mobility through the epistemological and methodological lenses. It traces the heritage of psychological research in travel behaviour studies. The chapter explains some of the theoretical models that have been applied by social psychologists to understand travel behaviour and the ways in which travel behaviour research has been conducted through quantitative survey instruments that rely on a psychometric and cognitive approach.