chapter  2
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Fast Accumulation

This chapter provides an overview of the phenomenon of fast accumulation, and its importance for the incipient globalization of technocapitalism. It describes that fast accumulation underpins the character of technocapitalism and its corporatist ethos, making it possible to spread its influence and pathologies around the world. Fast accumulation is essential for the globalization of technocapitalism and its corporate interests. The importance of the new modes for the globalization of technocapitalism cannot be underestimated. They have allowed much technological knowledge to be accumulated in rich nations, creating the conditions for vast technological platform to emerge. The accumulation of tacit knowledge is of greatest importance for technocapitalism, a new phase of capitalism. Tacit here refers to new or unwritten knowledge that can support the reproduction of creativity. The emergence of the corporatist university is a phenomenon that can be best understood in the context of technocapitalism and the growing global hegemony of corporate power and profit that this form of capitalism promotes.