chapter  3
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Intangible Global Commodities

This chapter explores the important features of intangible commodities that are the lifeblood of technocapitalism. The commodification and reproduction of creativity, two major phenomena of technocapitalism, will take up much attention. Their relationship with notions of value will be explored broadly, taking into account corporatism's role and its power over research. The chapter considers the relationship between these crucial elements of technocapitalism and globalization. Creativity is by far the most important resource of technocapitalism. Its intangible character makes it a social resource. Today, it is also a global resource. Creativity can be defined as the ability to come up with new ideas, processes, tools, formulas, methods, or services. The ability to exercise creativity is both personally and socially driven. In the global context of technocapitalism, the results of exercising creativity are usually new inventions and innovations, and research units are the organizational settings where such exercise occurs.