chapter  6
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Illusive Democracy

Democracy is a concept of governance that has long symbolized humanity's hope for justice and fairness. The global emergence of technocapitalism, however, promotes a form of public governance that negates those human aspirations. The globalization of technocapitalism is linked to a form of governance that is by and large antithetical to the fundamental essence of democracy. Corporatocracies can operate behind the guise of representative democracy, with its facade of seemingly separate functions, executive, legislative, judicial, to set up what in reality is a masquerade of democracy. Neoliberalism provides the ideological foundation for corporatocracy. Privatization of the commons, an important element of corporatocracy and of its neoliberal dogma, benefits the new corporatism in myriad ways. The corporatocratic privatization of public functions allows the new corporatism to acquire government science facilities and organizations around the world. The globalization of technocapitalism is closely associated with the ascendance of corporatocracy.