chapter  2
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This chapter focuses on the sites and the relationships of my fieldwork, on the

evolution of my methods of collection and analysis of data, and dissemination of

findings since my first stay in India, in Autumn 1995. Through the relationships that

made this work possible, this chapter tackles also the practicalities of fieldwork. On

the one hand are more contextual issues such as access, confidentiality, financial

agreements, and treatment of data. On the other hand, broader but nevertheless

contingent issues such as objectivity, representativity, and authorship. The

chapter ends with the account by Marius Holden of the film-making experience

that provided essential material to the present book. By describing the context of

the data and including the academic relationship from which was generated my

access to the field, this chapter stresses both the importance of empirical data for

the understanding of praxis, and the close link of the scientific knowledge with

the conditions in which it develops. This chapter challenges the notion of data

in social science as natural units susceptible to being incorporated into a body of

knowledge irrespective of the unique historical experience to which they belong.