chapter  7
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Elusive Peace or Flawed Strategy: The LURD-MODEL Rebellion and Relapse into War in Liberia

The resurgence of ghting few years after ECOMOG troops withdrew from Liberia raises serious questions about the success of the force. What are the factors responsible for this relapse into ghting in Liberia? Was it due to a awed post-war peacebuilding strategy taken by both the government and international community or purely one of those cases of intractable conicts? This chapter seeks to identify the causes of Liberia’s relapse into conict and assess the performance of the second ECOWAS peacekeeping force in Liberia. What lessons did the ECOWAS Mission in Liberia (ECOMIL) learned from its predecessor, ECOMOG? The chapter argues that the failure of the Liberian peace process was inevitable due to awed peacebuilding strategies, lack of international support and the repressive policies of former president Taylor.