chapter  4
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Duality of ECOMOG Intervention in Liberia: Alternating between Forcible and Non-Forcible Strategies

The chapter deals with a review of the literature on peacebuilding to understand the factors that determine its success or failure. Drawing from this literature, it assesses peacebuilding in Liberia and Sierra Leone in four different areas: context of implementation, international support, state reform and nature of domestic politics, and transitional justice initiatives. Liberia and Sierra Leone have made remarkable progress in consolidating the fragile peace and put in place structures to ensure its sustainability. Both countries have benefited from substantial international support with the deployment of large UN peacekeeping missions and donor support of peacebuilding programmes. Consequently, significant achievements have been made in rebuilding governance institutions, reviving the economies, disarming and demobilising ex-combatants and reforming the security and judicial sectors. Finally, it looks at the prospects and challenges for durable peace in Liberia and Sierra Leone. They challenged the culture of impunity which has been characteristic of conflicts in West Africa.