chapter  7
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The Global Crisis of Capitalism: Whose Crisis? Who Profits and Who Bears the Cost?

This chapter summarizes the dynamics of regime change in the current era of post-neoliberal capitalist development regime changes that have had a profound impact on governance, the class structure, economic institutions, political freedom and national sovereignty. It focuses on the politics of colonial technocratic dictatorship (CTD), the regime that has moved furthest from the notion of a sovereign representative democracy. The chapter explores the question of why and how the imperial ruling classes and their national collaborators have overturned the pre-existing 'democratic' oligarchical ruling formulas of 'indirect rule' in favor of a naked power grab, akin to the land, water and resource grabs that characterize globalizing capitalist development today. It examines the dynamics of class struggle in a time of colonial dictatorship, in the context of hollowed out electoral institutions and radical regressive social policies. The chapter also focuses on the ideology of apolitical expertise and technocratic rule prior to explore the profoundly colonial hierarchical chain of decision-making.