chapter  8
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Extractive Capital, Imperialism and the Post-Neoliberal State

This chapter analyzes some elements in the construction of contemporary imperial ideology. The 'anti-imperialism' of the imperialists is directed at the nationalist movements of the colonized countries and at their domestic public. British imperialists fomented among the agro-mining elites in Latin America promising 'free trade' versus Spanish mercantilist rule; they supported the territorial claims of the Iroquois tribal leaders against the US anti-colonial revolutionaries, exploiting legitimate grievances for imperial ends. Liberals, progressives and leftists who fell in love with imperialist promoted 'anti-imperialism' are also big losers. Their support for the NATO attack on Yugoslavia led to the break-up of a multinational state and the creation of huge NATO military bases and a white slavers paradise in Kosova. The left and progressives who tailended the imperial-backed and funded 'grassroots movements' have never engaged in any critical reflection; no effort to analyze the long-term negative consequences of their positions in terms of the losses in social welfare, national independence or personal dignity.