chapter  10
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Matatu Entrepreneurship: So What?

Two questions that a researcher faces as she concludes a piece of writing are: a) What is all the information that I have presented about? b) Where do I go from here? These questions point to the importance of not only presenting information but distilling it to determine the value it adds to research and practice. Thinking about the value of a study takes us to four further questions that a researcher has to consider in preparing a report or a paper. These are: (a) What did I set out to do? b) What did I do? (c) What did I find out? (d) So what? The preceding nine chapters have answered the first three questions. The question that remains is the fourth one: ‘so what?’ This question generally tends to be addressed in most studies by examining the findings in relation to other studies, and also providing recommendations on policy action and further research. We have already shown in part how this book relates to existing studies by outlining the four main points of departure for this book in Chapter 2. This chapter explores the ‘so what’ question further by looking at what Kenya may consider doing with the matatu entrepreneurship model.