chapter  1
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From Bohemia to the End of the World

This chapter explains the Comenius discussion that how the inability to understand each other leads to strife and calls for the participants at the international conference to proceed with the objectivity of the mathematicians. Comenius had an attitude toward the Ottomans that was different from most authors in his time. Nabil Matar sums it up by asserting that, 'Comenius proclaimed respect, even affection for them'. The criticism that printing has an adverse effect on memory and piety is not original to Comenius, but using it as an unfavorable comparison with Muslim piety is an instance of respect that balances against some of his negative comments about Islam. This idea of peaceful conference is the point of departure for a philosophy and system of reform that Comenius developed and called Pansophia. Pansophia represented a union of the three major areas in his thought and life: his theology, his political activism, and his work in education.