chapter  2
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Anglican Arminianism

This chapter examines Edwards' earlier published sermons and demonstrates their significance for the response to Tillotson as part of the wider articulation of Reformed soteriology. The doctrine of sola fide that Edward's presents faced a number of criticisms from Arminian theologian's objections forcefully represented by Tillotson in his sermons on soteriology. At the heart of the opposition was the fear of antinomianism. Edwards' understanding of sola fide comes across with increasing clarity as he addresses the role of evangelical obedience, the relationship between graces, and the interpretation of the Epistle of James. Edward's appears content that his arguments address the objection concerning rewards. The first aspect of the objection is countered by the concession that Christian obedience is indeed meritorious understood within the overall context of union with Christ. The second part of the objection is that the imputation of Christ's righteousness as the basis of happiness and distinctions of reward are logically incompatible.