chapter  3
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The Liberal Theory of the Press: Spirit of Liberalism and Residual Meanings in the Present

This chapter looks at the related notion of the 'common good', which is a central feature of public journalism and the European Union's (EU's) view of information, both of which argue that it is servicing the public in beneficial ways mostly pertaining to a view of democracy. It discusses a new element to the discussion, namely normative theory, particularly in relation to the academic discipline media ethics. Media ethics as an academic discipline within universities is historically speaking relatively new. The media literacy is a media policy that equally sets out to confront liberalism's influence over the meaning and purpose of news and journalism. Public journalism explicitly calls for a return of the media away from an unnatural external logic towards the community that is inherent in society. The chapter argues that despite the unification of systems operating within society, the press/media nevertheless have developed and operate within what Simmel called an 'immanent developmental logic'.