chapter  4
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Media Ethics and Society: Journalism and Responsibilities

The discussion on objectivity and truth profoundly impact upon both the meaning and purpose of journalism and news. These are some of the issues raised within media ethics and there are equally attempts to resolve what are complex philosophical issues pertaining to both truth and objectivity. Media ethics is an academic discipline and it's no surprise that many practitioners perceive many of the debates that occur within media ethics as no more than ideals, bearing no relation to the empirical reality of day-to-day journalistic practice. Scientists constantly complain that journalism is unable to competently mediate the complexities surrounding scientific issues, and there appears to be something ironic about the relationship between science, with its emphasis on method and rigour, and journalism. Conversely, objectivists maintain that truth exists despite the inconvenience of opinion and therefore truth exists independently of perception. The added complexity of objectivity is that it signifies both a 'state of being' and a 'state of achievement'.