chapter  2
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Women in Combat: Discrimination by Generality

Homosexuality in itself is not harmful to anyone. One kind of homosexual act, unprotected anal intercourse, is only one of the many things that can spread AIDS. Most Western democracies are not in the business of regulating military service based on sexual orientation. The author recklessly charge ahead in the use of a basically Christian theological framework, since this is the one used by most defenders of present US policy. Far from asserting dogmatically that acceptance of homosexuality betrays the central tenets of the Christian faith, and the clear messages of Scripture to us, we should be using reason to check and revise our understanding of Scripture. So the AIDS-based argument against homosexuality is misguided. As an aside: even if these considerations do not convince the conservative, surely he would have to agree that this AIDS argument does not weigh at all against lesbianism, and hence even if it worked would only make one kind of homosexuality a sin.