chapter  2
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Translating ‘Animal’, or Reading the‘Other’ in Kipling’s ‘Mowgli’ Stories

This chapter discusses translation and thinking about it in relation to how Kipling's tales engage with the question of apprehending other peoples and periods, and how the child is positioned in relation to these questions. In The Case of Peter Pan Jacqueline Rose argues that children's fiction emerges out of a conception of both the child and the world as knowable in a direct and unmediated way'. The specific form that the translations' take here suggest that the names have some essential relationship with the figures so named, indeed that each name is an accurate description of the actual behaviour of the figure to which it is applied. The translation' of Tegumai Bopsulai can be read as making walking slowly' into a concept that is supposed to encapsulate the essence' of Tegumai-ness which would be being a slow walker'.