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Jamme Masjid mosque and layered landscapes
WithAndrew Spicer

In 2009, a stainless-steel cylinder was erected outside the Jamme Masjid mosque on Brick Lane in the East End of London. The Jamme Masjid mosque's history demonstrates that layered urban landscapes are still being created or evolving in the twenty-first century. This epilogue presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in this book. The book explores the changing religious history of the building over the last 250 years illustrates some of the issues – migration, sanctity, memory – that determined the layered landscapes. It illustrates the complexities as well as the striking parallels that existed across a wide range of urban communities around the globe and within a number of divergent faiths and confessions. In some instances, these layered landscapes were carefully calculated constructions that emphasized the power and status of the ruling elites, often over subjugated indigenous communities.