chapter  3
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Mining and extreme infrastructure

What shareholders, directors, and management should look at twice before committing

This chapter uses three well-differentiated case studies to demonstrate different angles on the way project-related barriers may be overcome. First case study described in the chapter is massive iron ore project in northern Brazil. Second case study is dual mining project in central Brazil. Third case study is global operator committing operational errors of global dimension in remote northern Brazil. All the described case studies so far have exposed serious operational mistakes that may easily be associated with lack of leadership as well as an elementary misevaluation of the projects' contextual limitations and specific features, which could be social or environmental, ethical or operational. The three case studies in the chapter suggest that the hard work and high expectations these firms have invested in their projects are most likely to end by having to sell them to Brazil's leading mining company, which has its own exploration and producing assets both within Brazil and worldwide.