chapter  7
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Mining operations in emerging Asia and Oceania

Variables beyond the ordinary PMs should render a special look before committing technology and financial resources

This chapter focuses on two different case studies with different locations. The first case study relates to gold mining on a remote island in southern Indonesia, where a number of variables have to be assessed and solutions developed. These variables, being of a different caliber, must therefore be aligned in order to accomplish operations in a timely manner. Communications, gestures, filters, manners, and cultural features must all be refined in order for operations to move forward as planned. The second case study encompasses an entirely opposite vision of how projects should be run from an operations perspective, as it encompasses a sort of institutional assessment approach in an emerging economy such as Papua New Guinea (PNG). It explores a weak institutional profile may endanger the success of a given project in a remote setting, and it sets forth a number of measures for project managements (PMs) to take to avoid project development constraints that remain hidden in the decision-making process.